Sunday, March 7, 2010

Couch's /m/Quest - The Authorized Archive

Welcome, fellow subprocessors, to Chief of Endorphin Adjustment Haken's archive of our series of /m/quest communique, chronicling our nanite cluster's actions within the body of one Lydia Salinas and further beyond.
EPISODE 01: We exist. What do?
EPISODE 02: We exist, inside a collegiate female named Lydia. What do?
EPISODE 03: We exist inside Lydia, and we're pretty sure some creepy mofo named Cunningham knows, if he didn't put us there. What do?
EPISODE 04: We exist inside Lydia (and now also a fern), and one of the subprocessors (read: me) wants to show our gratitude with steaming sensory sex. What do?
EPISODE 05: We're at the arcade with Lydia. Her friend Tricia likes what we've done with the place. What do?
EPISODE 06: Someone knows we're inside Lydia, and might endanger both her and us for it. Someone ELSE is taking time off from her OWN quest thread to enjoy the show. What do?
EASTER SPECIAL: Suddenly, we've given the POV controls to Lydia. And she's fighting robot dragons in a bunnysuit. What do?
EPISODE 07: It lives. Now with dynamic POV and resource point-earning action. What do?
EPISODE 08: No seriously, it lives this time. What do (now with taser hands)?
EPISODE 09: After interference from a wet and sloppy introduction into our second human host, we're back and kicking it old-school. What do?
EPISODE 10: Tricia-cam has been enabled. What do?
EPISODE 11: Lydia seems to have stumbled upon another of those guys who JUST KNOWS about us. What do? (And don't say horribly inefficient things like "convert Lydia's uterus to a drone plant like you did last thread.)
EPISODE 12: Bee Drones. My God. What do?

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