Sunday, February 28, 2010

SRW Quest: Thread Archive Mark II

Yeah, she's kinda like that
The continuing adventures of /m/'s favorite Angry Frilly Desu and all her friends...well, generally uncomfortable people she's calling friends, at least.
THE STORY SO FAR (from the previous page of threads): Katina Tarask, frilly dress-clad School dropout, has found herself in a series of increasingly inexplicable pickles following the Irregulars of the Super Robot Wars: Original Generations universe invading the Shadow Mirror world right as the Shadow Mirrors were about to invade OG no sekai. So far she's gotten herself locked in a Tausendfussler's bathroom, gotten ejected from said bathroom by her motorcycle-transforming Dynamic General Guardian companion (who also happens to be this world's Duminass), put the fear of God in clairvoyant EFA ace Shine Hausen, gotten piss drunk at Mardi Gras in Brazil, taught Jonathan Kazahara how to love again (at least his work), tangled with Einst-augmented Gespensts on two occasions in Africa, sacked an EFA jamming satellite, wrecked the ODE System and the Neviim in a single confrontation, brokered a half-assed truce with the Balmar following wrecking said Neviim, and half-liquified a Choukijin or two to get at the Einst that were eating them alive anyway.

And that's not counting A) how the rest of the Shadow Mirrors are coping with this turn of events (from Kusuha drinking it off to Lamia wearing Axel's clothes), B) the things /m/ wants her to do next (generally, "gently loving" various people and making insane new RaiOh upgrades/gattais), or C) the crazy guessing that /m/ is up to regarding the motivations behind all the shit that goes down in Katina's path (especially Haken Browning's...special brand of conjecture).
EPISODE 31: Looks like Team Yuuki's blasting off again! Not to mention the multitude of Elsewheres centered around their introduction to the fracas.
EPISODE 32: All Shadow Mirrors vs. Dai...All Riders? (And Haken just DLed the live cut of Dragon Road, too...)
EPISODE 33: The free-for-all for the Zweizergain begins in earnest as Team Yuuki turns Serious As Fuck (tm) and whips out the Shadow Mirror SRX.
EPISODE 36: Dumi starts making plans to go swanning off in the Frontier as Katina has a little School reunion.
EPISODE 37: Lots of intriguing stuff going down as the 48 hours on Yukiko Date's ultimatum tick away...
EPISODE 38: Katina's dreams of multi-Quest crossovers are rudely interrupted by Radha's pacifist tendencies.
EPISODE 39: Longer and stronger thanks to newly increased thread capacity...much like SM!Arado's p-*Haken gets kicked in the gut*
MISSION KUMQUAT: Wait, what? Oh well, it's a great brainstorm runoff for Sciencegar's break.
EPISODE 40: Gathering our party before venturing forth has never been so unfulfilling or heartbreaking.
EPISODE 41: ...Luckily, Sophia's convinced Vindel it's worth letting the Shadow Mirrors' dregs (read, Katina and co.) do their thing and-WARE KOSO WUT
EPISODE 42: Kicking off Katina's multiversal misadventures with quite possibly our best shoop of her yet. Not to mention our best epic speech yet and the best inter-franchise cameos more or less EVER.
MISSION BUTTERNUT SQUASH: A second raw conjecture thread to cover Sciencegar's break for quality family time.
EPISODE 43: I think we've hit the big time when our Plan B consists of creating a universe and exploiting the paradoxes within as a defense mechanism.
EPISODE 44: A Balmar fish fry turns bittersweet when a wrench Sciencegar threw in several threads ago finally gets put into motion. (ONORE DICKEIDO! by request.)
EPISODE 45: Having managed to convince the Treasure Snipers to go with "innocent until proven guilty" in the local Balmarians' case, Katina and pals set about constructing Desu no Frontier. Disc 1 ends here.

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