Friday, May 14, 2010

SRW Quest: Disc 2 Thread Archive B

 (Yeah, it's-METAL GEAR!?)

...OK, that's just another of our one-off images. But the madness continues.
THE STORY SO FAR (as of the end of Disc 20): Upon arriving in the hastily-constructed Patchwork, Katina Tarask began to reassemble the cavalry she'd absconded with from the Shadow Mirror universe. This endeavor has been complicated by the fact that Patchwork architect Dumi is somewhere in cyberspace and can't maintain contact because the Database is on the prowl, pulling its "catalog then destroy everything in the universe" shit. In the meantime, Katina's made quite the selection of new friends in her quest to keep this new world from falling into the same chaos that currently engulfs her own - and hopefully get back THERE in time to save it AND the Original Generation universe...
EPISODE 21: It's just like one of my Amahara moon toons!
EPISODE 21A: that /m/ loses its goddamned mind the minute a little fanservice goes too far.
EPISODE 22: Change into Desutal Champions to save the Desutal Worl...OK, that doesn't sound very organic.
EPISODE 23: No, the ensuing "not /m/" discussion is NOT meta.
EPISODE 24: It's the will of the /m/etatron, I swear!
EPISODE 25A: Yes, we're skipping the regular 25, but everything from that's been transplanted to the block just before sagecreep.
EPISODE 25B: Sagefaggotry is over, time for character development faggotry to resume.
EPISODE 26: Where we're going, we don't NEED in-thread chapter numbers!
EPISODE 27: Don't feel mad, Katina. Not everyone can say they got jilted by Ryoma Nagare.
EPISODE 28: Don't feel mad, He-Manfag. Not everyone can force a shitty meme and get away with it.
EPISODE 29: As if we didn't have enough trolls writing us off as a Mary DeSue already...
EPISODE 29B: Captcha'd for your protection! (Or at least, readability's.)
EPISODE 31: Our pain is Flonne's gain!
EPISODE 32: Shit, I forgot we were doing this amidst #musouquest being devoted to talk of Blazblue expies and Angel babies and shit.
EPISODE 33: One insanely bloody Digital War later, and somehow Sci's confused the Patchwork for the Frontier.
EPISODE 33A: One bump too few of the last thread later...
EPISODE 34: Sci's right. However, there is no guarantee the fapfic is that good.
EPISODE 35K: In the grim darkness of a Warhammer 40K cameo, this joke makes sense.
EPISODE 36: And cue The Who.
GRIMLOCKQUEST: Me Grimlock want one-year anniversary special!
Q2 FINAL: In which the final push on a Sharon Apple-infected hive city may hold hope for resolving the Patchwork plot...assuming we can survive to use the new 300-post limit.
Q2 FINAL 2: Getter Robos supplied to the Patchwork by Tactical Genius Usarkar E. CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!. Maybe.
Q2 FINAL 3: Time to weigh our [OPTION]s as we retake control of Katina in earnest.
Q2 FINAL 4: In which this mess is summarized better in the OP than I could ever manage.

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