Saturday, March 20, 2010

SRW Quest: Disc 2 Thread Archive A

Yeah, it's gotten THAT complicated

The tale of one lovesick Desu in the middle of a war across two dimensions just got...weird.

THE STORY SO FAR (from the Disc 1 archives): Katina Tarask, frilly-dress-clad psychopath of the Shadow Mirrors, has found herself at the forefront of the clusterfuck that the SRW: Original Generations cast has uncorked in their paradoxical incursion on her world. With Vindel Mauser's forces on the cusp of self-destruction at the hands of tainted empathic technology and longtime partner Dumi(nass 7) looking for freedom from multiversal terror Dark Brain, Katina finds herself faced with only one way to guarantee the safety of all Super Robot Wars worlds: make her own.

No. Seriously.
SERIES PLANNING THREAD: In which /m/ lays out a much more coherent road map to all the universal fragments pulled into our little hidey-hole in the cosmos.
PLANNING THREAD 2: Still narrowing it down as Sciencegar manages to one-up Haken's insane Code Lyoko/Kamen Rider Den-O blender idea.
EPISODE 1: It begins all over again. This time, with lizardmen. And Haken getting deplorable ideas involving a washing machine.
EPISODE 2: The G-Force (no, not the Gatchaman one) helps Katina patch up the R-Blade as Stealthyboy lusts after guns (no, not Haken's).
EPISODE 3: /m/ concocts a Hard-Boiled upgrade plan for the R-Blade, talks strategy against Rodan over lunch, and takes dinner to debate throwing a Fan Shinji into the mix. And this is what happens when Sciencegar makes only TWO plot posts (out of a total of, like, six).
EPISODE 4: And then our adventure turns W-Boiled in a completely different manner altogether.
EPISODE 5: Is the School of Drunken Desu a legitimate school of either martial arts or mech piloting? Let's see!
EPISODE 6: Taking the red-eye on a super-science boat...apparently to an early thread deletion and/or ban.
EPISODE 6-2: The boat's so nice, it was OP pic twice!
EPISODE 7: Wherein Katina may be the only thing to survive listening to Sharon Apple's song by dint of her head's already so fucked up as is.
EPISODE 8: WTF Katina, Dumi is our SAIKYO NO PAATONAA, you don't need to be riding Duo. Or covering Basara's catalog (unless you REALLY need to shut Gamlin up).
EPISODE 9: Let's hope this goes better than that OTHER Mission 9 where the good guys had to storm the SDF-1.
EPISODE 10: This operation demands COURAGE!
 (New and improved God Hand comic by Thousand Frills, in case your mind was TOTALLY FUCKING BLOWN by the top conspiracy chart)
APRIL FOOL'S SPECIAL: The adventure we could've had in the OGverse had an overwhelming majority decided to do so waaaaay back at the end of Disc 1, Episode 1.
EPISODE 11: Wherein Katina recuperates with haste that she and Seolla may wrangle Zoids (well, OK, Seolla would rather wrangle Basara) and keep Arado from shagging women other than themselves.
EPISODE 12: I always knew those androids from the UK Zoids comics were lemons. Just not that they were Lemon's.
EPISODE 13: Not exactly equipped for BUILDAN or CUSTOMIZAN, our heroes take to MOBILIZAN against the tide of Reds and Blues.
EPISODE 14: If they didn't want us to not be serious about fighting them, then they shouldn't have fielded their cutest-looking units against us!
EPISODE 16: DO NOT PURSUE LU BRUTICUS...A Kamen Rider, however, is fine too.
MISSION DRAGONFRUIT: A whole new world demands a whole new tech-and-spec thread.
EPISODE 17: Picking up the pieces following Faruko and Kurou's duel won't be easy. But then again, since when has Sciencegar allowed it to be?
EPISODE 18: In which we have a long-awaited recap episode. And given the gigantic path split we face, we NEED it.
EPISODE 20: Wherein Truth is in the eye of whoever tells Schutzwald to quit that shit.

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