Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Kinda Fanfic-Inspired Pokeymans Giveaway

This is what happens when you leave me alone with a variety of Pokemon hacking tools and a fervent desire to drum up readership for my French Cyberspace Bullet Train Female Kamen Rider fanfic.

Gentlemen, I like Porygon. I also like Aelita. And given that both of them sorta got the shaft, it's only fair that I name the one after the other.

Thus, I'm hacking up and giving away commemorative Porygon-Zs to anyone who leaves a valid Friend Code in their review of the or deviantART copies of Kamen Rider Den-Ae Episode 01.

- All Porygon-Zs offered have straight 28 IVs/40 EVs in all stats, and a loadout of Tri Attack/Nasty Plot/Discharge/Sky Attack with PP at legal maxes.
- Obvious signs of being hacked together will include Sky Attack being on a non-Flying Pokemon, a Met Date of June 6, 1994, and a Met Location other than a city with a Game Corner.
- Porygon-Zs distributed via this "event" will have a name of "Aelita", a Trainer of "TPT(pokeball)/m/", and Trainer/Secret IDs of 06694. Classic and Premier Ribbons have been attached to prevent GTS fraud shenanigans.
- Contest stats have been set to straight 90s, not that even you wacky northerners playing Diamond/Pearl/Platinum could be arsed to care with the new Contest system. (HGSS players, Pokeathlon stat hacking is still more or less impossible, since half the traits are PID-linked.)
- Natures and Held Items are negotiable; please specify in your review. Otherwise, it will not be considered.
- Once sufficient entries have been collected, I will post my Friend Code here and announce a distribution date. At the very least, I'll give you guys until the end of the month and start handing out the Porygon-Zs in August just after releasing Episode 2.

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