Wednesday, September 1, 2010

THE STRONGEST MONTH: Haken's Baka Writing Challenge

September is THE STRONGEST month, and I want to use it to recapture the writing groove I used to have back in /m/erotica's heyday. Thus, I've decided to kick off a little event where I put out as much fic as I can, and encourage /m/ to find their own creative spark (y'know, whatever keeps us from making meta circlejerk threads).

Got a fic you want to count towards my self-imposed (9) new items quota? Fire it at and I'll make sure it gets a place here or at /m/erotica.

(Completed Items behind the cut)

1. Kamen Rider Den-Ae Episode 02 (Here / dA / FFN)
2. Graze Bonus (NSFW)
3. Horsing Around (NSFW)
4. [Gyrobot] First Raven (NSFW)
5. Angel's Judgment (NSFW)
6. [Gyrobot] More Than A Match (NSFW)
7. [Gyrobot] Gilded Cage (NSFW)
8. [Couch] Primary Colors (NSFW)
9. A Fine Bubbly (NSFW)
10: [Gyrobot] Unclaimed Bounty (NSFW)

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