Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 9B

A Fighting! A Challenge! All this, and more, past the preview break!

This is available literally as soon as you clear the event at the end of the Live Ruins.


Oh my this looks familiar. Rottiger versus Blue Unicorn, basically. You don't have access to the Matrix Dragon Gattai, but you DO have access to Logistics Support, which is a worthy first-turn cast. You also have Off-Ground Mines, which will stop Flyscissors, Diploguns, Nightwise, and Mosasledge in their tracks and can be useful if you need to lose some heat.
First things first, Shell Karn *must go*. It has an EM Cannon that can inflict Freeze, which will fuck you up. One thing to be aware of is that you do NOT have Friendship and will have to be healing with items, which probably won't mess you up too badly, but you should be aware of it.
As with many Challenge matches, this is a slugging match; whoever has the best staying power will win.

Your prize: Flyscissors and Demon's Head data, and two Zoidcore BXs to make them with.


Taken straight from the anime, Van and Irvine versus Stinger and his goons. Your only commands are Friendship and Conservation, which is an aggravation, and to make matters worse, Stinger *will* go first and likely use his Poison Gas weapon, which is capable of inflicting the Pilot Down status, which sinks your stats through the floor. His lackeys have EM Cannons that can inflict Freeze, too, making this a very dangerous fight. If you're unlucky, the high chance of Poison Gas inflicting Freeze just from normal attacks' chances to do so, coupled with the EM Cannons, can ensure that you never get a turn.
You can get yourself an advantage, at least: the Shield Liger's shield is a hard counter to all of the above, due to the tremendously low damage dealt by EM Cannons and Poison Gas. The minute you can set that up, start hewing through the Zaber Fangs (since Van's ranged option isn't very powerful). Due to lack of a shield, Irvine will almost certainly die, but it's worth using Friendship to try and keep him up and running, if only to split the damage. If Van's HP starts running low, use the Organoid command to enable Zeke and regenerate. Note that Stinger is very difficult to hit - 67% even including Van's Good Grapple skill - and using Zeke won't fix that.

Your prize for winning this shitty fight is data for Stinger's custom Guysack.
This brings us to 3-for-4 on the Absolute Challenge Mode Exclusive pieces of ZiData. Much like the other three, it's more a completionist wonk than a particularly useful unit to the player.


This is a strange battle: Shell Karn and Diploguns against the combined form of Flyscissors and Demon's Head.
Mind that this is purely a Legacy thing; Lord Gale is a standalone Zoid otherwise, albeit prominent in the BLOX Battle Stories as a Neo-Zenebas piloted support to the Chimera Blox - despite in-game appearances and conventions, the Chimera Dragon components are wholly AI-driven, and fusion into Chimera Dragon is less than perfectly streamlined in that regard. A piloted Lord Gale was intended to herd Chimera Blox and override Chimera Dragons' nasty habit of incurring friendly fire from four base AIs not working totally in tandem.
Back to the fight: Lord Gale has an astounding *500* HP, and hits very, very hard. Your main aim here is to keep Shell Karn alive because Lord Gale has no ranged attacks, and wear him down with Diploguns. If you get the opportunity, then do use Shell Karn's H Knuckle, which is very powerful and benefits greatly from Claudia's Good Grapple, being reasonably likely to get a 150-damage crit.
All in all this is not as brutally unfairly difficult as the last fight, but if Lord Gale gets through your Shell Karn, you're probably fucked.
Your prize for this is sadly not Lord Gale, but rather the Shell Karn and Diploguns data, and another two Zoidcore BXs.


This is the full-on Imperial vs. Republic match, and the matchup is sadly not good. Obstacles in particular is incredibly dangerous to use because only the Rev Raptors and your Gun Snipers will be able to move, opening up your entire front row to their melee attacks. Logistics Support is, as always, a great opening play. If you can use it to clear out both Rev Raptors, however, you can actually use Obstacles to your advantage. Doing this will let you completely core their force, and you can mop up the Iron Kongs without much difficulty.
Your prize for this is: one Zoidcore H2, one WW Unit, one Zoidcore GR, one PB Unit, one Limit OS, and a partridge in a pear tree. (NOTE: Partridge in a pear tree may not be viable as a Zoid creation component, nor does it share the benefits of a perma-fused Fuzor.)


Ah yes... THIS challenge. This is often considered to be one of the hardest challenges in the entire game because your team is so ridiculously underpowered compared to the other side and you have bad Deck Commands (thankfully you have Friendship again).
The Fuzor Dragon has the least HP, but it also has access to a shield with which it will stall you out, so focus on the Chimera Dragon instead. This should only take one round.
You have a lot of healing items, so be very free with them, because you'll need to be. Once the Chimera Dragon is down, focus on the Fuzor Dragon. Sooner or later, when your Buster Eagle runs out of EP, use Redistribution to shunt it into the front row and put its strong melee attacks to use. Mind that the Griffon is exceedingly powerful at all ranges, being a fuzor of a fuzor, however, it has one weakness: its missiles, which the AI will eventually roulette onto. Even if you only have one unit left (in my case, Lord Gale), continuously healing will let you keep your HP up, and when it uses its weak missiles, you can get off a strong counterattack. Its next attack will hopefully not kill you, so you can put it out of its misery.

HOWEVER, for doing this you recieve Lord Gale's data, the parts to create it, and the Charge Energy command (if you somehow missed it). You'll also need a LG Head, though, but if you were following the walkthrough then you've already got one (just mind you'll have to show it to the Live Town professor to get the Lord Gale Gattai command before using it for a build, if you're into that sort of thing).

Lord Gale has fantastic stats, a low CLV of 12, and very powerful built-in melee weapons, although it's somewhat lacking in CP (base 25). Seeing as said powerful melee weapons are its ONLY internal weapons, it'll be best in Zan or Claudia's hands.

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