Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mugen no Senshi: Concept Dolls so far

So I'd stumbled upon a Sailor Moon dress-up game on /co/ and shopped it out to /m/ to see what kind of mecha-related senshi we'd cook up. Eventually, my consternation in the doll maker's lack of two-tone shading, detailing, etc. led to some adventurous MS Paint tweaking as I tried to recreate the ladies (and gentleman) of Super Robot Wars/Taisen OG Saga: Mugen no/Endless Frontier.

EXHIBIT A: Working beta of Kaguya-alike Sailor Nanbu. Gold trim on knees and black trim on bust had to be manually added.

EXHIBIT B: Completed (as far as I can be arsed) Sailor Nanbu. The app lacks a single really long ponytail suitable for Kaguya, and core hair styles don't feature enough loose ends for shading in red tips.

EXHIBIT C: Aschen-alike Sailor W07. No post-production work.

EXHIBIT D: Code DTD version of Sailor W07. Obvious post-prod work on bust.

EXHIBITS E AND F: Suzuka-type Sailor-GUN-Oh (hyphens omitted due to technical issues) and Haken-type Sailor W00, thrown in for completion's sake. No post-prod work on either. And yes, the project involving all four of these will be canon to the previous fic (NSFW) in which Haken got Rule 63'd. Might not wind up being NSFW itself, we'll just have to see how the creative juices flow.

EXHIBIT G: Second version of Sailor-GUN-Oh ninja'd in. Also no post-production work. You'll see why this is here shortly.

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