Sunday, April 25, 2010

W00-Raiser Comes Full Circle

What began as a hackneyed pegging joke on /m/erotica has recently evolved into proof that if I'm going to start painting Gunpla, I'll need to stop using secondhand paints. And brushes. And cameras.

STEP 1: Build the W00 Gundam
Our vict-I mean, lucky test subject is a BB Senshi #322 SD 00-Raiser, harvested from the local Hobby Town USA when I didn't have QUITE enough cash for either of the HG 1/144 offerings. If you're as obsessed with Endless Frontier as I am (or have been exposed to me for a considerable length of time), you'll remember that W00 is, in reality, egocentric gunslinger Haken Browning. In order to replicate his ensemble (and in parts, that of his buddy Gespenst), a lot of white and blue plastic wound up having to be painted black and red. As you can see, I skimped immensely towards the end.

STEP 2: Build the 0BX-Raiser

Originally, to go with the fapfic reference, the 0-Raiser was to be painted completely in Aschen Brodel colors. However, this was complicated by the fact that it is, in actuality, Kaguya Nanbu who is canonically Haken's waifu. The gang on #musouquest suggested splitting it down the middle Kamen Rider W-style, but in the wake of EXTREME's debut I decided Suzuka (the "fourth wheel" of the core Endless Frontier cast) needed some love too.

If you're wondering why the green for the Aschen binder is so dark, well, that's 'cause I didn't have any other shades on hand.

With all the grace of Aquarion and half the subtlety, the fusion is complete. Some parts fit a little snugger than I'd like, but this IS an amateur paint job, after all. And if need be, I've got enough lacquer thinner on file to wipe everything clean (aside from uncharacteristic weathering, at least).

Think I'm gonna keep it as is, though, as a reminder of what to do and what not to do with plastic models. Namely, don't wait until after you max out your credit card on car repairs to go buy Gunpla and related supplies.

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