Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 1B

Wherein Wyll and Aelita make a brief side trip to acquire phat loot. Sort of.

Challenge Mode (er, Challenging Mode) is accessed from the options menu. It's essentially a bunch of pre-designed fights; winning them grants you Zoid parts, weapons, ZiData, and new Deck Commands.
There are fifty challenges in total - ten sets of five each; each set is unlocked as you progress through the game, and beating the first level of a set unlocks the next level, and so on. At the start of the game, set 1 is unlocked.


This is your target,

and this is what you have to kill it with - two Molgas, a Cannonry Molga, and no deck commands.

The Saberlion will win initiative and proceed to trash your Molgas.

THIS is your big stick, since it can actually deal damage. The two Molgas at the front should use their gatling guns every turn, and heal themselves if they start to get low on HP - anything to keep the Saberlion, which has no ranged weapons, from getting into your Cannonry Molga.

Your reward from this is a Zoid Core SS (Small Size).


Just like last time, only easier. Take out the Gun Tiger first so that it can't use its Static Magnum to hit your back row - it'll fall easily to the Cannons.

Just like last time, you get a Zoid Core SS.


This one is legitimately hard, because Redlers are FAST and it's being piloted by Leviathe. This is actually a redux of a boss battle we'll be taking on later.

You actually have Deck Commands this time. Friendship you'll be seeing a lot of - it restores all your Zoids' HP by 50% - and the other two are more specialized.
No Return halves your evasion rate but doubles your attack power (hilariously called "attackability", one word) for the turn it's used, while Off-Grd Mines - Off Ground Mines -
Off-Guard Mines.
Off-GROUND-Mines, nothing else makes sense - makes it so that flying units miss their turns.

You might have to retry a few times, but if you can land the Saberlion's High-Wave Blade on the same turn that you use No Return, you only have to drop a High-Wave Claw to win.

This time, you get a Zoid Core FL (Flying), which is for making Redlers and the like.


Two Atk Kats, this time.
You might know them better as Helcats - the New Century Zero dub got a little lazy with bringing things down to TV-Y7FV and even Legacy itself slips in a couple uses of their "every release but the NAR" name.
You only have a Saberlion and Gun Tiger, but the Gun Tiger is kitted out with a vulcan gun while the Saberlion has a large gatling gun - more to the point, Juno (our Mystery Woman from the first entry) in the Gun Tiger has Multi-Fire, letting you fire the Static Magnum and the Vulcan in the same turn.

Conservation restores a Zoid's EN to maximum, at the cost of everybody waiting for that turn - useful if you just need to give something one more big push - while Muddy Ground halves the evasion rates of all units in play.
The reason this is tricky is because the Helcats have Optical Camouflage, which, if they use them, makes them obscenely difficult to hit. It's better to drop No Return in your first round and try to take them out then and there; if one survives, use Muddy Ground - actually useful in this circumstance.

Your reward is two ZN cores and the Saberlion's ZiData.


Yeah, that's a lot of Molgas. You have the same team as the last round, only missing Muddy Ground. Basically, drop No Return and hit one of the Cannon Molgas with the Static Magnum and another line with the Vulcan; then have your Saberlion unload its Gatling on the front Molga row. Your only enemy at the end of the first round should be a lone Cannon Molga, which will be moved up into range of the Saberlion's High Wave melee attacks at the end of the round.

Your reward is the "Mines" Deck Command, Cannonry Unit parts (for making a Cannon Molga), and Gun Tiger's ZiData.
Mines is awesome for shooty players, as it stops melee weapons in their tracks for the turn it's used on, and will prove vital during later Challenge Mode matches due to some REALLY nasty things aiming to head your way at close range.
And a final note on our loot from this wave of challenges: the Saberlion and Gun Tiger data from 1-4 and 1-5 are two of about three or four ZiData that can ONLY be acquired via Challenge Mode. Not that we'll have much of a need to make more of 'em, but it's a fair teaser of the worth of going through all 50 of these battles.
We now return to your regularly scheduled Zoids Legacy LP, already in, it WILL be next update, anyway.

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