Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 2

Aaaaaand they're back! With considerably less Llamas than previously implied!

Okay, so here we are at Llama Town. Let's take a look around...

Uh, that's... great I guess?

Can I just point out that if you were really that dependent on battles for your livelihood, you would have collapsed if they weren't running for an extended period of time?

Okay, not asking you if I ever need a battle partner.

Not sure how statement two is relevant to statement one...

... if they wanted to blow off steam, why not go out, beat up Wild Zoids, and salvage the parts for cash?

That's useful to know.

You could just go outside! Christ!

Well, I-

... the economy here makes no seeense...

What! When did I say that?

Now this is a new sign, for battle signups and so on.

This is out back of the equipment shop...

... and this is in the item shop.

Uh, have you *seen* the beautiful lady I'm with?
If that's restitution for you flirting with that green-haired chick and every barmaid we come across, you'd better try harder.
... can I just pay you a compliment without getting snapped at?

Good for you.
Now, you may notice something if you take a look at what we're hanging onto at the moment...

Where did this come from? Well, as it happens, there's a desert north of Llama Town, and one of the random encounters looks like *this*.

Not only is this encounter rare, but it's very difficult. However, proper use of DataGather1 can earn you Redler data, which you can combine with the Zoid Core FL you won from Challenge 1-3 to make a Redler. Redlers are extremely badass. They're a much faster version of the Saberlion, trading armor for evasion. Our one, given how much cash I'd picked up while trying to collect it, is equipped with a Heavy Particle Cannon, which you can buy from the store in Old Town (just a little ways from Llama). Their sole downside is vulnerability to Anti-Air class weapons, and really all those do is negate Flying Zoids' innate +20% evasion against ground-types.

So... Redlers. Basically the first 'real' flying unit the Imperials had, and the counterpart to the Pteras; they were outclassed by the later Raynos and Storm Sworder models, and eventually replaced with Zabats. Anything else?
Some of you might be wondering why it's called a Redler when its stock colors aren't actually red. They were in OJR back when it was the 'Reddra' and it existed less as an air fighter in its own right and more as a Death Saurer escort. (Insert pithy remark along the lines of 'why the hell does a Death Saurer need escorts' here.)

This is our Saberlion now, by the way.
Lucky coincidence as far as the "Char Custom" colors go: 73 TP equates to a 36.5% boost - yes, the Saberlion is now one-third (and change) faster.
Anyway, let's go see about those battles.

Was not aware one 'does' a battle. I've heard of 'doing battle', but not doing 'a' battle.

So are you just here to look pretty?


Or we could just not afraid of anything and charge in singlehandedly -
Wyll. Find a partner.
*sigh* Yes ma'am.

Damnit, is nobody in this town a free agent oh hey it's that pretty green chick.

Isn't it just? Oh yeah, I forgot.

Not sure it deserves that kind of expression, but thanks for the help earlier.
*mimes barfing*

You said a mouthful. Name's Wyll, and this is Aelita. And you?

Yeah, sure -

What, 'what'?

Uh, last I checked, Aelita fished this out of a Kinder Surprise...


Uh, personal space invader much...?


And she's achieved liftoff!

It helps if you actually screech instead of *saying* 'screech'.

'Shone', Juno, not 'shined', unless you're a Smash Bros. tourneyfag.

Hey, Aelita, you hear that?
Sounds like a PLOT HOOK. Whatcha talking about, Juno?

Um, the fact that you overshot the mark by a *lot* might have something to do with that. And to participate in the Zoid battles... hey, wanna lend a hand?

See, Aelita, this is what I like to see.
*bops* that's enough of that.
Well, any complaints about Team Pink Lemonade?


'Wild'? You're a sub!
Shut up!

Awesome to have these in the actual game and not just the challenge matches.

We *know*.

Aaand... here's our squad lineup.
Now for the arenas, I guess.

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