Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 4A

Does Team Pink Lemonade have No Future without Juno? Hardly.

Here's where we chased those pricks to. Nice name for a town.

... Aelita, do you speak idiot?
Better than you do, obviously.

First, give attention to your teacher in English.

This is in the NE of town.

Never would've guessed that by the damn name, lady.

The most obvious plot hook ever?

It's running up against this one...

... and this one.

This is in that dingy shack at the town entrance.


As opposed to battles that only civvies can compete in?

Hint hint hint.

Do they -

Uh... okay...?

Well, I-

Ironically this information will actually be relevant. Just not for several hours of play.

Well, this guy ain't our warrior. Obviously. Since he's *male*.

No, we're -

That's... nice...

Do we look like a charity or something...?

... I guess we could use the help...

As long as you get paid, right? Whatever.
Seen any bandits around here?
... in *Outlaw* Town, Aelita...?

Hell yeah we do.
If only because dick moves need punished.
Of course, that'd be YOUR only reason...

If I get reminded about that ONE MORE TIME.

Well... that's useful I guess.

Fuck yes Core Security 1. You no longer need to worry about *not* having cores - it's like Data Gather for parts.
Aforementioned nucleus isn't visible here, but we saw one way back in the first episode (the "Zoid fetus" tube).
I like how he wishes you good luck right after an infodump. How very Bionic Commando.

This is in the bottom right of the Institute.

Here we go.

Didn't think you'd be dumb enough to appear before me again.
And you're quite stupid. So what do you want with Juno anyway?

Do I look like a journalist, carrot lady?

You have the *worst* intimidation attempts ever.

Now now, lady, don't you remember what happened *last time*?

Only from the sheer idiocy.

Yeeeuup. Saving the girl and all that.

I am revising my opinion of you.

Really? One guy? You think you're ready for us?
Then step the fuck up; it's time to die.


.. I'm not even surprised anymore.

At least the kidnapper is a chick.
First, NO. We don't talk about that. Second, hello idiot.
... oh right.

Sure why not. May as well walk into the obvious trap.


Drinking game: drink every time Gard gloats. *chug*

'He'? With those hips?

Hmm... continuing observation...

BACK WITH OUR HEROES (as it were)...

Taking a swing into the Eastern Sea Caves on our way revealed *this* encounter that hid from us last time.

See that Snipe Master? Uber Gun Sniper.
For those of you playing the home game with your NJR boxes, this bad boy's basically Gun Sniper 2: Railgun Boogaloo.

Really damn cool.

Incidentally, if you have the ability, then you should make a Black Rhimos, put Bit in it, and backrow it - equipped with the Beam Needle and 2 Cannon you can buy at Galilstorm, it's a powerful compact gun battery, and Bit defaults to a defensive build anyway, making it hard to put down.
Except YOU'RE the one with Multi-Fire by now, not Bit.
Implying I need it with HEAVY PARTICLE CANNON.
Implying Juno and I aren't the only ones who are apparently impressed by it. Granted, no one else LIVED, but still.

And here we are at Galilstorm.

No, really?

I envy his enthusiasm.

Glad you understand it...

You heard right.

Don't we all, my friend, don't we all.

Hahaha, no you're not.

Just pick something!

Hey, thanks!

Well, I-
You know what?
I'll allow you to flirt, but I get to pick out a dress for you.
... okay...?
That wasn't meant to be a deterrent.
Good, cause it wasn't.

Yesssss. DataGather1, CoreSecurity1, Supplier, and Junk Parts are your big four - they give you ZiData, parts, money, and equipped weapons and armor for your stockpile.
"Invisible enemies" in the old man's warning is kind of a misnomer - it won't deter you from getting anything off a Helcat or anything that actually TURNS invisible, but the "get stuff after battles" commands won't factor in anything whose stats are invisible to you (read: bosses) when doing an L/R-button check.

Too bad they didn't dig further.

And not a single fuck was given that day.

These are both in the Institute.

They *are* being held, bimbo.

Party composition. Raynos is mine, and equipped with the HEAVY PARTICLE CANNON; Black Rhimos was given to Bit and armed with Beam Needle and 2Cannon.
Note that Black Rhimos is in Metal Rhimos chrome. This NAR mainstay variant actually used to be a Japanese mail-in exclusive.

You bet your shiny metal ass.

Yeah, like this'll be hard...

Beaten in one round.

Also beaten in one round.

I actually quite like the Stealth Viper, largely because it was the antagonist of the first episode of Guardian Force.
At the time of its production - ZAC 2030s - it was actually a good all-around Zoid, but with all the tech running rampant *now*, it's pretty heavily outdated.

These guys went down on the first turn, too. You may wish to drop Muddy Ground vs. the Hunter Team.

Oh now that looks familiar.

Yeah, largely due to me *not sucking*, lady.

Whatever. Gonna give Juno back?

You should know better than to say that shit by now, Leviathe.

Quit laughing. This isn't over yet.

Heh. I always seem to exceed women's expectations.
You certainly exceeded *mine*...
... that didn't sound like a compliment...

Yeah, yeah.


Sup Juno - wait, who's this joker -

You... dick...

... urgh...


That's not the team name...

Hmph... that's not a healthy attitude even for a sub.


...well, this is getting interesting. Maybe it's about time I got moving to help out, myself...


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