Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 4B

One blackjack-induced break later, and Wyll's good to go with his take on Challenge Mode, Round 2.

Alright, having done that next arc of the game, you have access to more challenges. They're still not really interesting yet, though.


It's you vs. Leviathe all over again, this time with an un-augmented Zoid. You have Muddy Ground, Off-Ground Mines, and Friendship; drop the first two on the first two turns and swing for the bleachers with High-Wave Blade, then slug it out with your more accurate weapons. Not too hard, as long as you're patient.

Your prize is a Zoidcore SS.


Two Double-Sworders vs. two Saicurtis. This is an outright slugging match - you shouldn't need Muddy Ground or Off-Ground Mines, but you will need Friendship. You should focusfire on one of them at a time so that there's less incoming damage.

Your prize is two Zoidcore FLs.


Yet another slugging match, three Stealth Vipers vs. three Pteras (two Bomber, one Radome). You essentially have two options: you can use the beam gun that hits W to try and take on the front row all at once (doing 10 damage per shot), or you can use this:

- and focus-fire on one target. It's basically up to you. Don't be afraid to use your healing items; you have a lot of them - though of your deck commands, only Off-Ground Mines is particularly useful.

Your prizes are a Radome Unit and a Bomber Unit, for making Pteras Radomes and Bombers respectively.


Three new deck commands this time, and all of them useful: Water Mines blocks swimmers for a turn, Beam Screen blocks beam weapons, and False Nego(tiations) prevents all but one Zoid on the field from moving for that turn. I particularly enjoy the idea of False Negotiations; it's such a dick move.

Interestingly, your team of Pteras Bombers is staffed by our named party members to date - Bit, by the way, has Good Grapple, so he should really be using the Pteras' "Go For Broke" struggleslam - the heightened crit chance is worth the tradeoff in damage. Juno can use all her guns in one turn with her Multi-Fire 2, and Zeru can use any two ranged weapons via the Multi-Fire 1 variant. Your aim here is to try and kill the Killer Domes *first*,  as they can bestow Anti-Air upon themselves (and in fact will if you allow them to move); keep them off-guard with Water Mines and False Nego, and then drop Beam Screen to buy time if you need to.

Your prize is two Zoid Core SSes and one Zoid Core ZN.


This one is a wee bit interesting; Zeru and Bit in Hellcats versus what amounts to two sets of those bandit bosses. And that Hammer Rock is packing a gatling that can hit both of you at once.
Generally, it's best to drop Optical Camouflage on the first turn; on the next, drop No Return and swing *hard*. The Guysacks shouldn't really last more than two turns, and then it's just a matter of slugging it out with the Hammer Rock - and you should be used to slugging matches by now.

Your reward is Junk Parts and Muddy Ground, if you don't have them already, one Zoidcore SS and one Zoidcore IS.

Sadly these first few challenge waves are legitimately boring; it's not until the fourth or fifth wave that you start getting interesting ones.

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