Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 6

Grindfest Ensues.

As it happens, having those BLOX guys crash in doesn't screw the entire 1-on-1 tournament.

Just to give you an idea of how outclassed these guys are...


Basically, it's just a Shield Liger with big guns. Think of it as an artillery Liger.

This can be useful, if you haven't snagged a ZN core from the Helcats in the East Sea Caves (you'll see why in a moment).

This is the REAL prize - the chance to scoop up an Iron Kong's data. The Iron Kong itself is a powerful beast, and you might run into trouble - just be sure to drop Data Gather!
Iron Kongs are basically the Imperial counterpart to the Gojulas; fast and tough and powerful. Especially their melee attack.
And happy day, we just happen to have a Zoidcore ZN.
Mon-keigh pilot, mon-keigh pilot~
You shut the f-

He wants to get your rocks off.
Hurr hurr hurr.

I take it you want to go to the North Ruins, then...


As for if anyone is wondering why I happened to make a Snipe Master...


This light-barrier is basically blocking you from the Peninsula of Power Levelling; it's a little thinner around the north side in the Japanese version, but this isn't the Japanese version, so we can't get to it... and as it contains shit like Death Saurers and squads full of Geno variants, Wyll would get his shit wrecked anyway.

Nice place...

... Strawberry?
Could be.

Hm... Haruka, this is your area.
Shit I don't want anything to do with it. This is *vacation*.

It's funny how that's just not even the case.

You're optimistic.

Yeah. Anyway, who's this Athle guy?

I... guessed that, I was asking more about -

Oh hell.

Sigh... bring it.

... this is the boss fight?
This won't take long.
The Rev Raptors go down in a matter of two turns. The Command Wolf, though...

... holy shit, is that -
Looks like CLOCK UP from here.
Hey, Haruka, you're the queen of plinking bullshit bosses on foot.
Keyword, 'bullshit'. You two handle this one; I'll stick to running the data.

Stupid Korean knockoffs.

Sure you will.

The hell is your problem?

Do I look like a scientist to y-
I take it you've forgotten your teacher, Ascher.
Oh yeah!

Sure, why not.


Aaand here we are.

Sounds like fun.

... the hell is your problem?

Whoa, what, why are you dragging me? Jeez, let's talk to the people...

Yeah, no kidding.

This stuff is in the Zoids Institute, if you missed it from the tournament.

No shit, Sherlock.

Didn't we answer this last time?

... did we?
Jeez, it's not like you to be forgetful.
I'm tired of dealing with these idiots. Let's just appease Zan and get a drink.

The hell do you want?

What's wrong with my clothes!?
... stop laughing.

Wyll. Tuck.

You don't get that if you take him head on.
Fine, we tuck.

Shut up, Zan. We're going.

Of what?
Okay, now about-face and go back in.

You look like you're having such a good time.
He's having a ball.
I hate you both.

Bleh. Boring.

Or I could not waste my energy.

Pussiest robot ever.

There's little to no indication of this in the game (or what little is there was whittled away by the text compression of Zan's insistence on going alone), but to trigger this fight (and thus advance the plot), you have to take everyone but Zan out of your team. We moved him into a Shield Liger DCS.

Lightning Saix. I love this thing. It's beautiful, it really is. So fast, so sleek, those curves...
... hey. Stop that.

Okay, now please stop grinning like that.

Looks like you'll have to look elsewhere.

More dicking with Pulse. We prioritized Red this time, as it's better than Black.



Terminal's laziness becomes your insight as to how Wyll's responses are written: in all cases barring the final one of these bonus images, Wyll's dialogue is simply extrapolated and cleaned-up from what Zeru says in the same scenarios.

The final one, meanwhile, is still another of Atari's severe malfunctions of noun tense, Zeru proclaiming he must fight when it's Zan being challenged.

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