Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Typical Day At Customs

"Phew, finally out of that box. Now to find this address and-"


"Have you got anything to declare, ma'am?"
"Eh? I had all this run through Customs going out, what's with the gun? Why are you-"

"Stand down, KOS-MOS. *ugh...leave her alone for one minute on duty and she makes an incident 'cause some dame's got bigger tits than she does...*"
"I can hear your subvocals. This isn't about her boobplate."

"Miss Ianeira, sorry about the confusion - my assistant's new to this 'Immigration & Customs' thing."

"See, we've been investigating some /toy/ photography cases involving Busou Shinkis, and policy just came down from on high that we have to screen Shinki models for unfunny one-note jokes. Are you a current or former associate of or sympathizer with Greenpeace, ma'am?"
"I don't see what that has to do with anything."
"Well, there's a manhunt going on right now involving a PETA-aligned Maochao, and-"
"Oh, I heard about that case just before the flight over. Sick and cliche stuff. I'm not into that; I don't do the militant animal rights crap."
"Well, you certainly couldn't have gotten that figure going on an all-kelp diet to protest commercial fishing."
"KOS-MOS, did it ever occur to you to consider that before pulling a gun on her?"
"When we get off duty, you're pulling solo shift babysitting Cirno."

"As for you, ma'am, if you have an address in the area, we can escort you and help transport your luggage."
"Oh, uhh...thanks. I'm supposed to be up in the Desktop Suite..."
"Holy cow, that's right around where we're shacked up!"

"Whoa, you brought along some fine pieces of work."
"I concur. This multipurpose weapons platform shows great promi-"
"Never mind the multiwhatsit, I want this tail! And maybe the siren wearing it too, if you catch my drift~"

"Uhhh...I'm not sure what to say to that, Miss..."
"The name's Aegis. But as long as you're wearing this, you can call me anything you want~"
"I believe you'll have to wait a bit for an answer. She's probably still in shock from going from being held at gunpoint to receiving a same-sex proposition in the span of five minutes."
"Yeah, America's a hell of a country, ain't it?"

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