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Let's Play Zoids Legacy! Chapter 7B

ITT Fabulous Prizes. Also Wyll says Hammerheads can suck dicks.

As soon as you get to Imperial Twn, you can take on Challenge 4, which is absolutely worth doing, as the end prize will let you utterly destroy the next portion of the game.


Those Dark Poisons will absolutely ruin your day, and your Molgas aren't very accurate, either. You do, however, have an abundance of healing items. What I did was use Logistics Support on round one and smack the front row of Molgas with vulcans - if you hit all three each time, you can actually clean out the entire front row (which makes beating on the Dark Poisons very easy because even they can't beat a 1-3 disadvantage), but this is highly unlikely (odds are at least one attack will miss). If you get unlucky and miss, then you should clean out all but one of the front row Molgas and the move to harassing the back row.

The Molga in the front suffers all the disadvantages yours do - including weak and inaccurate weapons - meaning it isn't much of a threat. However, the Dark Poisons behind it will not be able to move into melee range (which is a real threat - power of *90*, and more accurate than missiles), and you're free to pound on it with your Cannonry Molgas. Be warned that their missiles, while inaccurate, do 27 damage per hit, so don't be afraid to heal (you have a LOT of healing items...).

Your prize is another Zoidcore ZN and Dark Poison's data.

I, uh, have nothing to say about this. It doesn't appear in the anime, it doesn't have a model kit, and it doesn't colormatch (or detail match) with any released Molga kit. For a Molga, though, it is *pretty cool*.


Are you getting the message that they like doing Imperial vs. Republic matches yet?

You have really shitty Deck Commands here: Obstacles is useless because only the Command Wolf is bigger than Small; Conservation is standard but not overly helpful. Thankfully, you have Mines, which will help offset the bad matchup of having Rev Raptors in the face of your Gun Snipers (for one round at least), and you have the ever-useful Logistics Support and a good position from which to use it.

Something to be aware of is that the Atak Kat *will* go first and it has access to ZOS, giving it two turns every round, but only if it activates ZOS first (it will almost always either do that, or trigger its Optical Camoflage for Evasion+50).

That said, even with that evasion boost, your Gun Snipers can hit it with their sniper rifles every single time, and it's quite possible that you can one-turn it in this way - if you use Mines, you're also largely safe from the Rev Raptors.

Speaking of ZOS, your Command Wolf also has it, and you'd be a fool not to use it early. (Just mind that two actions per turn means that much more EP you're burning using it as a backrow cannoneer.)

All in all, this is not actually a hard fight; Gun Snipers are waaaay better than Rev Raptors. That said, it's worth using the wristguns over the anchor claw: its higher hit rate will lead to a higher crit rate, and it hits two enemies instead of one.

Your prizes: Zoidcore GR, H2, H1, and the Limit OS (Organoid System) part.


Remember how challenge 3-4 was really shitty? This one isn't quite as bad - just redistribute Tita into the front row and go to town with your tailsaws. Zan's Good Grapple is a real asset here, as a crit for 130 will ruin anyone's day. Don't be afraid to use Friendship, either, as the Hammerhead VL hits like a truck.
For this, you get the Mosasledge's data and a Zoidcore BX, for BLOX Zoids.

Like most BLOX Zoids, this doesn't have much backstory to talk about beyond its anime/Battle Story/Zoids VS appearances. Noticeably, it's supposed to be a swimmer, but Legacy universally has swimmers double as fliers and generally be shitty as both. It does have a very powerful tail attack, but you'll never find a good pilot for it - at the time when you get it, even if you haven't been doing any grinding and mass upgrading like we have, the Leoblaze has comparable melee stats, a shield (better than boosters), and Zan is a great Liger pilot, making the Mosasledge completely useless.

Also, "thunderbolt battles".


The good news is that you will win initiative, and Nightwise have a 0 EP self-booster that raises their SR by *1000*, drastically increasing your chance of getting a crit. You also get Redistribute, which I used to backrow Tita and Albane while centralizing Zan, letting him use his Good Grapple. Mind, however, that Hammerheads hit like trucks and if they focus fire with their beam weapons, you're losing a Nightwise.

Another option for doing this stage is to move everyone into the front row and let them have it with the Nightwise's more accurate and more powerful melee attack, relying on the chance of a critical hit. Whichever way you do it, this is a real slugging match; whoever has the most staying power will come out on top, so heal early and often and play it safe. The other good part is that all the Hammerhead attacks - except their melee - cost a rather exorbitant amount of EP, so if you can stay long enough, you may make them resort to waiting and then you can pound on them with impunity.
For this, you recieve Nightwise's data and another Zoidcore BX.

Remember when we said the second-fastest flyer in the game does a lot of what the first-fastest can, but better? Nightwise's base SR is 4000; Zabat's is 6000. Nightwise has an overhead OA slot (which is toy-inaccurate as fuck, as all the Blox ports would be covered by cockpit/tail pieces unless you peg it into the back of its head); Zabat doesn't. Nightwise also has a base CP of 20, meaning a long-term investment (200 TP = CP 40) equals being able to mount a good variety of light weapons and just enough upgrade parts to enable them to fire more than once a battle. If being obscenely fast with moderately useful single-target weaponry is your thing, then Albane or Tita can be a good pick for the one you get. If you prefer something that does *anything else*, then don't use Nightwise.


This one is kind of interesting: 2-Armed Lizard versus its component pieces. You, in fact, have access to the 2-Armed Lizard Gattai deck command, and can use it, and indeed probably SHOULD use it. The Zan Blade is a hideously powerful weapon that goes well with Zan's Good Grapple skill, but beyond that, on round 2, you can use the Decoy skill (which would only work for one of your two Zoids otherwise) to basically run the Zoids Legacy equivalent of a SubPunch strategy for a turn. Mind, however, that Zan Blade costs 10 and the Tail Rifle costs 6, and the Lizard only has a GEP of 3 (so Blade → Bite Fang is a more sustainable option). You should not have a problem with this.
Your prizes: 2-Armed Lizard's data, and the DA Gatt.D parts. Now. This is a big thing. Why, you ask? Because this will let you *produce a non-Fuzor 2-Armed Lizard*.
So you've made a Transformer that doesn't Transform. Dig yourself out of this hole posthaste before I break out the corpse-grade quicklime.
Aside from being granted the power to survive, making an Action Master Fuzor in this manner also enables you to sidestep the main fault of Fuzors: their wonky development and lack of non-stock parts when Changemi-er, Gattai'd. The latter is self-explanatory enough, but is compounded by the former - command-fused Fuzors have a TP value equal to their components' average TP. If you've been using your Fuzors like the game's target audience is expected to be doing so, that not only means your Fuzors have 0 TP to their name when fused in battle, but *their components have 0 TP to their name because they don't exist in separated form to gain it after battles.*
Making a Fuzor whole-cloth not only sidesteps that wonk, but enables you to apply upgrades to it as any other normal Zoid (especially to, say, the already quite-powerful-at-this-juncture Zan Blade) and mount weapons and armor to it (the base CP of 30 doesn't really do its three OA/one A hardpoint scheme justice, mind). However, you're about to get a bunch of new pilots that will seriously need stronger units, and 2-Armed Lizard will certainly provide with stats comparable to the sum of its no-longer-temporarily-integrated parts.

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